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Com-Power Preamplifiers

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Preamplifiers for EMI testing

 >High Gain

>Battery option

>up to 40 GHz

Improve Overall System Sensitivity
Com-Power broadband high gain preamplifiers were designed for electromagnetic interference (EMI) testing and certification.  EMC test labs use preamplifiers to improve sensitivity of the test system during EMI radiated emissions measurements. Without a high gain preamplifier, signals picked by the antenna that have amplitudes below the noise floor of the test system cannot be measured. The preamplifier gain has minimum variations for the entire operating frequency range for accurate emissions measurements. The Com-Power preamplifiers were primarily intended for EMC applications. However, it can be used for other applications that require signal amplification.
Model   Typical Gain (dB) Flatness (dB)  Frequency Range (MHz)  
PAL-010 28 ± 2 0.0001-30
PAM-103 33 ± 2 1 -1000
PAM-6000 30 ± 1.5 1000-6000
PAM-118 24 ± 2 500 - 18000
PAM-118A 40 2.5 500 - 18000
PAP-501 20 ± 2 10 - 1000
PAM-840 25 ± 2.5 18000-40000