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Knowledge about EMC antennas

Knowledge about EMC antennas Recently many users to consult the relevant knowledge of EMC antennas , are simple
Knowledge about EMC antennas
    Recently many users to consult the relevant knowledge of EMC antennas , are simple answers below for reference comrades .
    1 on "EMC antenna" physical and technical meanings:
    EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility, EMC antennas for short ) , is the study of the function under conditions of limited space, time and spectrum resources, and a variety of electrical equipment can work together , does not occur to downgrade science. Another explanation , EMC antenna is a technology objective of this technique is so common in the electromagnetic environment conditions , both unaffected by electromagnetic environment , nor will this affect the environment of electrical devices or systems. In other words, it will not be because the surrounding electromagnetic environment and cause performance degradation , loss of function or damage , it will not produce an excessive amount of electromagnetic energy in the surrounding environment, which affects the normal operation peripherals.
    2 technically elaborated : EMC antenna = EMS + EMI
    1> EMS refers to the ability of anti-jamming device for electromagnetic interference present in the environment in which a certain degree ( meet the technical specifications ) , that electromagnetic sensitivity .
    2> EMI refers to electromagnetic interference device during normal operation of the host environment can not exceed certain limits. "EMI" (Electro Magnetic Interference) , there are two and radiated interference conduction. Conducted interference is the signal coupling through the conductive medium (interference ) on an electric power network to another network . Radiated interference is the source of interference to its signal coupling through space (interference ) to another electricity network. PCB high-speed and system design , the high frequency signal line , the integrated circuit pins, and so may be various types of connectors having an antenna radiation characteristic of the interference source can emit electromagnetic waves and affect other systems or other subsystems within the system working.
    3 > EMS or EMI for quantitative detection requires specialized instrumentation electromagnetic signals.


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