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EMC integrated electrical equipment

EMC integrated electrical equipmentElectromagnetic compatibility of integrated circuits is increasingly valued Electro
EMC integrated electrical equipment
Electromagnetic compatibility of integrated circuits is increasingly valued. Electronic equipment and systems suppliers striving to improve its products to meet the EMC equipment specifications, reduce electromagnetic emission and enhanced anti-jamming capability . In the past, the integration of suppliers are only interested in the cost of electricity , while the applications and performance , EMC equipment rarely consider the issue . Even single integrated circuit usually do not have a greater radiation, but it is often a source of radiation emitted by the electronic system . When a large number of digital signals at the same time instant will produce many high frequency switching components.
Especially in recent years , with increasing frequency integrated circuits , the number of transistors integrated more and more, more and more integrated power supply voltage is low, the chip feature size is further reduced , but more versatile, even a complete the system can be integrated in a single chip , these developments make the chip-level EMC equipment more prominent. Now, integrated electric supplier must also consider the issue of electromagnetic compatibility of their products in the instrumentation .
Due to the integrated electricity EMC equipment is a relatively new discipline , although electronic devices and subsystems have been more detailed electromagnetic compatibility standard equipment , but integrated circuits , its testing standards are lagging behind. Section 47A of the International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Sub-Committee (IECSC47A) as early as 1990 had begun compatible with standard integrated circuit electromagnetic research instrument . In addition, the Society of Automotive Engineers have begun to develop their own integrated circuit test equipment electromagnetic compatibility standards SAEJ1752, mainly focused on the emission test part . 1997 , the Working Group IX IECSC47A belongs WG9 established specialized integrated circuits EMC equipment test methods , reference , and so far have been published in integrated circuit electromagnetic emission testing of IEC61967 standard 150kHz ~ 1GHz electromagnetic immunity standards and integrated circuits IEC62132. In addition, the pulse immunity aspect , WG9 also being developed standards IEC62215.


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