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Explore solutions to the solar inverter equipment electromagnetic compatibility

Explore solutions to the solar inverter equipment electromagnetic compatibility problemsEnvironmental and energy issue
Explore solutions to the solar inverter equipment electromagnetic compatibility problems
 Environmental and energy issues has been the focus of global attention , how not to break the ring of ecological environment to provide energy to become the direction of attention. Build a windmill farm is a popular favor solutions that use solar power has become the most popular in another way.
    Solar inverter is an important subsystem solar or photovoltaic device , a new generation of electric energy fed to the grid . Every advancement of the electronic world are accompanied by more and faster flow of electrons , and the energy spread of the electron flow brings , will lead to electromagnetic interference. How to prevent and reduce such interference becomes an inevitable aspect of attention , and further , to prevent and reduce the need for such interference limits are set below this limit a plurality of devices and systems can operate effectively , and Foreign interference is not a problem or is outside interference , enabling EMC equipment . This mandatory standard will ultimately evolve into standard limits and testing procedures, and regulations can really achieve compatibility test equipment , provide a good basis for electromagnetic compatibility testing instrument .
    Solar inverters and EMC equipment problems
    Now, to ensure that the solar inverter EMC equipment is still problematic . This is because of the need to generate a lot of power , but many just a reminder to be cautious warning process [ did not understand what that means. ] . Another difficulty is the problem of the processing efficiency - for example, how the solar power generating means to maximize the ratio of the power is the actual use of the power into the grid . High efficiency means fast switching operation, which must be accompanied by a steep rise time and fall time , generate additional high-frequency signals , causing interference. The situation is even worse in the search for low-cost solar inverter design eliminates the need for a transformer in the topology . This design produces a high voltage and fast rising voltage spark - accompanied generate unwanted electromagnetic interference .
    Relevant standards
    Like many other areas of technology has developed rapidly , and EMC equipment management electromagnetic energy devices have been behind the pace of actual development. There is no EMC product standard solar inverter equipment related , and, on the solar inverter is no accurate classification. Many times the solar inverter defined as a family unit ; ISM ( industrial, scientific and medical ) equipment ; or IT devices. These descriptions make any solar inverter must meet GB4343, GB4824 or GB9254 standards. German Electrotechnical Commission 's K373 solar inverter committee has divided into five projects were developed specific criteria, including : solar cells, solar panels ; connector for photovoltaic systems ; determine the photovoltaic system simulation program ; and build photovoltaic systems.
    Currently, solar inverter manufacturers need to affix the CE mark on their devices , it means they must pass the following criteria:
    ● comply with emission standards 61000-4-6 and EN61000-6-4 requirements
    ● comply with EN61000-3-2 power back to the trunk specified criteria .


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