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What is EDID ?EDID stands for Extended Display Identification Data ( Extended Display Identification Data ) , a
What is EDID ?
EDID stands for Extended Display Identification Data ( Extended Display Identification Data ) , a total of 128 bytes. Which contains the parameters of the display and its performance , including vendor information, maximum image size, color settings , manufacturers pre- set frequency range Panoramic: image left and right horizontal stretch , but the center of the image is not stretched to limit and monitor name and serial number string , and so on . Figuratively speaking , EDID is the display of ID card, household , skills, certificates and other documents of the collection , the purpose is to tell people who I am, I come from, I can do.
Why use EDID?
In order to allow a PC or other image output device better recognition Display Properties
EDID is not ancient and have, in ancient times there is no EDID CRT concept , then why have it later ? Because with the development of display devices , more and more types of displays , analog , digital , general screen , widescreen , 17 inch, 19 inch, 22 inch ...... which makes PC perplexing , resolution and timing kind of too many , and each monitor can not possibly support all the resolutions , that knows how to display a resolution of what ah ? The results show the best effect? Not only that , whatever the output of a resolution there may be damage to the display hardware , it may be too dangerous . So , EDID stepped in to take up the monitor and PC before passing the microphone . "PC Hello , I'm A monitor , I can show N species , the best resolution is XXX". "Display Hello , receive your information , now based on the best resolution for your output ." This time we understand it , EDID is to allow a PC or other image output device attributes to better identify and monitor emerging .
Often hear comrades would say "EDID information," one would say "DDC information ." So Which statement is more accurate ? What is the relationship of EDID and DDC is ?
DDC stands for Display Data Channel ( Display Data Channel ) , as the name implies , it is a channel. We can say that is used to send DDC EDID information , it can be said DDC EDID information is transmitted through , so , "DDC information " is not accurate.
Each display is only one EDID it?
Not necessarily.
Now monitor very powerful, often provide a variety of video interfaces , common with DVI, VGA, HDMI, Display Port , etc., due to the different characteristics of each interface and bandwidth , making EDID different interfaces are different. Interface is a PC read EDID which interface which , to use. Our equipment is mainly used DVI, VGA, VIDEO several interfaces. Due to several standard interfaces such as VIDEO PAL, NTSC , etc. , the resolution field frequency is fixed, there is no need to use the EDID , so not on the table . This article will focus on the following questions DVI, VGA launched two interfaces
EDID for us in the end what's the use ?
To answer this question , we must first understand the scenario of our equipment , see below:
This is a typical scenario , PC sends a video signal to our equipment , after a series of transmission or switching equipment sends the video signal to the monitor or projector , that is, our equipment is located in the PC and monitor room. First, at the input , the device needs to know that he is able to let PC input video signal , in other words , the device to " cheat " PC, lets think of themselves as a PC monitor . If you do not this is the case , PC may reject any video signal output (only DVI port, VGA port can also output does not need EDID ) , called " not rabbits not spread eagle ." In addition, the device also tell their own support PC display timing. In the output, the output timing when the device needs to self ( such as large -screen controller output card ) rather than simply copying the input sequence ( such as various matrix devices) , it needs to know the timing display monitor support , allowing own output signal can be displayed properly on the display. In these places , EDID to play a role . EDID EDID is read by the input device on the PC to learn the timing of the display device supports , and the same , the output terminal needs to read the display device to determine the timing of its output .
The above mentioned VGA port on the PC does not need EDID information can be output , and the company 's VGA input device where the vast majority have no EDID, then VGA interface has EDID it? It is necessary?
VGA interface also has EDID, but not required .
LCD monitors, CRT monitors newer models and projectors are all EDID in VGA interface , while the older model CRT monitors and projectors do not. When connected to a PC is no EDID for VGA devices , will recognize it as a " default monitor ." At this time , PC only some of the built-in default output resolution and timing , if desired resolution is not the default resolution which , there is no way that PC output . This time, we need to add EDID in VGA device, to make PC support needs resolution.


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