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EMC interdisciplinary a rapid development

EMC Technology is a rapidly developing interdisciplinary , involving electronics, computers, communications , aerospa
EMC Technology is a rapidly developing interdisciplinary , involving electronics, computers, communications , aerospace , rail transportation, power , military, as well as all aspects of people's lives. The power system grid capacity increases, the transmission voltage is increased , while computer and microprocessor-based relay protection , power control, communications equipment has been widely adopted . Therefore, the power system electromagnetic compatibility problems have become very prominent. For example , electric power automation equipment , usually installed in the vicinity of high-voltage substation equipment , a prerequisite for the device to work properly is that it can withstand the substation , strong electromagnetic interference under normal or abnormal conditions so generated . In addition, due to the high voltage switch is often associated with modern electronic control and protection equipment in one set, therefore , for this strong combination of electrical and electronic equipment devices not only require high voltage, high current test , but also through the electromagnetic compatibility test . When switching operation, can produce up to several megahertz frequency fast transient voltages. This fast transient overvoltage will not only endanger the insulated transformers and other equipment , and will spread out through the ground network , interference substation protection, control of work equipment. With the improvement of power system automation level , the importance of the electromagnetic compatibility technology is increasingly apparent.
  Public power frequency electromagnetic fields on human health may have harmful effects concerns have become some of the important constraints of the national high-voltage transmission development . Caused by ionizing radiation , such as X -rays, gamma rays have harmful effects on human health has been well familiar . Non- ionizing radiation -induced , including whether the low frequency electromagnetic fields on biological systems, especially harmful effects on human health , is always an open question . Although scientists around the world have done a lot of research , because this problem is extremely complex, difficult to draw conclusions as yet . Expected future need for more research.
  Today , with the development of electronic technology, computer technology , the number of electrical and electronic equipment used in a substantial increase in the system , and increasing the band broadening of electronic devices, the power increases , the sensitivity increased, various network devices connected to the cable more and more complex, electromagnetic compatibility problems more important.


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