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EMC antennas three important laws

EMC antennas three important lawsA law , EMC antenna cost-effective relations law : EMC antenna problems sooner c
EMC antennas three important laws
A law , EMC antenna cost-effective relations law : EMC antenna problems sooner consideration , the sooner resolved, the smaller the cost , the better.
In the new product development stage to perform EMC antenna design, than to wait until the product EMC antenna test failed to improve, the cost can be significant savings , efficiency can be greatly improved ; On the contrary , the efficiency will be greatly reduced , the cost will be greatly increased.
Experience tells us that in the functional design simultaneously EMC antenna design, to prototype , the prototype is completed through the EMC antenna test , is the most save time and most cost-effective . Instead, the product development stage without considering EMC antennas, EMC antenna failed after the operation was found to be improved , not only technically great difficulty , and rework costs and will inevitably bring a lot of waste of time, even as it relates to the structural design , PCB design flaws , unable to implement improvement measures , resulting in products not listed .
Second rule , high-frequency current loop area S , the more serious EMI radiation.
High-frequency signal current flowing through the inductor minimum path . At higher frequencies, typically greater than the resistance traces reactance , the connection to the high-frequency signal is the inductance, series inductance causing radiation. Most of the high-frequency electromagnetic radiation is measured EUT current loop device generated the worst case is open form of the antenna . Corresponding approach is to reduce and shorten the connection , reducing the high frequency current loop area , try to eliminate any non-work needs an antenna , such as discrete wiring or pins long antenna effect of the components .
Reduce radiation harassment or improve one of the most important tasks of RF radiation interference ability , that is trying to reduce the high-frequency current loop area S.
Third rule , the higher the frequency f of the loop current , more serious cause EMI radiation, electromagnetic radiation is proportional to the square of the field strength with the current frequency f increases. The most important way of reducing radiation harassment or improve anti-jamming capability of the two radio-frequency radiation , is to find ways to reduce high-frequency current frequency disturbance source f, namely to reduce the harassment of the electromagnetic wave frequency, f.


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