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Com-Power SPA-3000 9kHz-3GHz

The Tuned Dipole Antenna model AD-100 is a standard antenna set which operates in the frequency range of 30 MHz to 1000 MHz. This set consists of four baluns and was designed according to American National Standard C63.4. This is a reference antenna set that can be used for EMC test site calibration and for calibrating other antennas in same frequency range.



Frequency Range

9kHz ~ 3GHz

Aging Rate

10ppm, 0-50 C, 5ppm/yr

Span Range

2kHz ~ 3GHz in 1-2-5 sequence, full span, zero span

Phase Noise

-80dBc/Hz @1GHz , 20kHz offset typical

Sweep Time Range

50ms ~ 25.6s

Resolution Bandwidth


RBW Range

3kHz, 9 kHz, 30kHz, 120 kHz, 300kHz, 4MHz

RBW Accuracy


Video Bandwidth Range

10Hz ~ 1MHz in 1-3 steps



Measurement Range

-1 03dBm ~ +20dBm, 1MHz ~ 15MHz , Ref. Level -30dBm
-120 1 dBm~+20dBm, 15MHz ~600MHz, Ref. Level@-50dBm
-117 -1 d Bm~+20d Bm, 600MHz~2.3GHz, Ref. Level@-50dBm
-115 1dBm~+20dBm, 2.3GHz ~ 3GHz

Overload Protection

+30dBm, 25VDC

Reference Level

-11 0dBm ~ +20dBm


1dB @100MHz


1 d B

Frequency Flatness

1 d B over 70d B

Dynamic Range


Average Noise Floor

-1 35dBm/Hz, 1 MHz ~ 15MHz , Ref. Level -30dBm
-152 1 dBm/Hz, 15MHz ~ 600MHz, Ref. Level@-50dBm-149 1 dBm/Hz, 600MHz ~ 2.3GHz, Ref. Level@-50dBm-147 1dBm/Hz, 2.3GHz ~ 3GHz

Third Inter-Modulation

< -70dBc @-40dBm Input , Ref. Level@-30dBm

Harmonic Distortion

< -60dBc RF Input < -40dBm, Ref. Level@-30dBm< -110dBm @3kHz RBW

Non-Harmonic Spurious

<-110 dBm@3 kHz RBW




640 x 480 high resolution color TFT LCD

Internal Memory

10 Traces , 10 Setup info , 10 Limit lines, , 5 Corrections 10 Sequences


10 Markers for peaks; 5normal-delta marker pairs ; Functions: Delta , Peak , Marker Track

Trace Detection

3 traces with Peak, Maximum hold, Freeze, Average and Trace math

Power Measurement

ACPR, OCBW, Channel power, N dB BW, and Phase jitter

Autoset Function

Auto tuning the measurement result for observation


Automated test by uesr-defined macros without any remote control


Type: N female, 50 nominal

RF input VSWR

<2 : 1 @ 0dBm Ref. Level

GPIB Interface

IEEE 488 bus

USB Connector

Type: SMB male, outputs +9V/100mA max.


AC 100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz

Dimensions & Weight

330(W) x 170(H) x 340(D) mm, Approx. 6kg